From an initial specialisation in modern philosophy (現代の西哲学), especially the thought of Michel Foucault, feminism and contemporary political theory, my teaching and research interests were extended into science and technology studies through my work in France between 2003-2011.

With the intellectual point of departure the duty to make the will to know conscious of itself as a problem, the task of critique is taken up through an engagement with science and technology as socially embedded enterprises that demand philosophical reflection precisely because of their constitutive effect upon the politics, culture and ethico-moral relations that define and limit the human condition.

An interdisciplinary approach is thus deployed to analyse the domains of power and technology, particularly their intersection where many of today's key experiences of subjectivity are both constructed and contested.

Areas of specialisation

  • Modern (Western) philosophy
  • Globalisation studies
  • Science and technology studies
  • Contemporary political theory

Areas of competence

  • Dynamics of technological innovation
  • Corporate social responsibility



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